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Rachit Kumar JainRachit Kumar Jain 

Can we reduce the cost Of User in CRM develop in force.com??

Recently we have develop a CRM of office management for a company . It has 3 user profile.. but the office staff number upto 150 individual.. Should i have to bur 150 user license?? Or their a way to use only 3 user and update list like last modified by to each individual?

Hi Rachit, 

You can but there wont be any security of which user made the edit or changed etc. 

There is a concurrent limit that might hit. 

See the blog below, 





If there are 150 people using the salesforce platform, you really need to have 150 licenses. That's part of the contract you have with salesforce, and truly a prefered way to do things in regards to auditibility and reporting on users etc.