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Canvas redirection help needed


I want to redirect to a specific page through canvas without the help of any third party site named "Heroku"

please let me know how to do it.

Thanks in Advance
Hi Bharath,

See the blog below,

whenever we are working with web application redirects inside a Canvas App, we should be setting the javascript property window.top.location to affect the redirection. The URL to be set on window.top.location can be generated and set from server side.

It is at this point that I remembered that the Force.com Canvas documentation(page no.22) says that Force.com provides client side proxy written in Javascript to handle Cross Domain XML Http Requests. We can also develop and deploy our own proxies as a part of the SDK.

We should not use client side proxy for same domain calls. For this, we can rely on the web application language capability to handle self domain redirects.