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Using a User group/Public Group as a lookup?

 I wanted to create  a Group called Applicaiton Group and wanted to add  users to this group like one group has on or more users.  
And then I wanted to use the Application group name as  a lookup field in one of my custom object.
I undertand I cannot use Users standard object in any master detail relationship. 

My custom object is a kind of  Case Ticket, and I want to use the field "Assinged Group" to a group name, and in the next lookup "Assinged person" to a user in that group.

Then I found Public group and I thought I can use this . I can add users to public group, but I cannot use public group as a lookup in my custom object.
Is force.com so limited like this? I am very disappointed

Is there any way to achieve what I am looking for.? I am very new to force.com and apex.  Can somone please guide me?



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Can Someone please Help.  Any idea is welcome.  Please
Did you ever find a way to get this to work?