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sree sfdcsree sfdc 

How to setup the salesforce for the following scenario ?

I have four type of users and three custom objects .
1) Product creator
2) seller
3) buyer
4) broker
5) order
6) product
7) order details
Relation ship :
- There is no relation directly between seller and buyer . only relationship comes from order .
- seller connect to order and buyer connect to order select the product
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For the mentioned scenario, you can have the Order as the junction object (http://shivasoft.in/blog/salesforce/deep-drive-in-junction-object-create-many-to-many-relationship-in-salesforce/)for Buyer and Seller. This way you can establish a relationship between buyer and seller via Order. Create a lookup relationship from Order to Product so that when a buyer creates an order he will be able to select the product by clicking on lookup search icon.

Order Detail is something which you can have as a field within order. product creator would be a field on the product. 

hope this helps.