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Migrating the data from SQL server or Apache server to the salesforce server

can anyone tell me how to migrate the data from SQL server and Apache server to the salesforce.
I want to move my data from the web server to the salesforce  on daily basis. 
please suggest me all possible and best way to do this task.


I am not sure when you said migrating data from a Web Server. Do you mean migrating data from local Database like SQL Server? Either ways there are many integration tools that do that for you like JitterBit, Informatica OnCloud, Dell Boomi, etc. 

For low cost SQL Server data replication you can use DBAmp. 

If you want to do it one time or write your own scripts you can use Dataloader, or write your own process using Bulk API in Salesforce. 

Hope this will give you some direction.

Thank you

Hi Karthik,
thanks  for reply.
Suppose i have one ASP.NET web application and my data is on SQL server.I need to extract the data from SQL server in regular interval and then  upload it to the salesforce server. Now tell me which will be the best way to do this.

is Possible to fetch the data from SQL server using Bulk API.

Well. If you want to build your own integration soln. you can use BULK API or anything other API depending on your use case. 

You will fetch data from SQL Server using your normal methodology (LINQ or any other way you do today). The data that is fetched is pushed to Salesforce via API. 

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Thank you.