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nitin sharmanitin sharma 

Apex Questions

Hi All,

I have some basic question and after going throgh the salesforce docs I stil do not have answers to those questions.

1)What is the difference between Sobject and Object.?

Ans:-I could understand that sObject is a generic classs and object should be classes such as account,contact etc.However,I am not sure if I am  thinking correctly?

2)Are all standard classes such as Accounts and contacts etc derived from Sobject classs in salesforce.?

3) Can I know the root class in salesforc.I mean the class at the top if the heirarchy in salesorce.?

4)Is thier any diagram  available from salesorce regarding heirarchy of salesforce classses?

Can somebody please answer?

As per my understanding.

1) There are generic types like Integer, String etc. sObject is super class of all standard and custom object.
2) Yes
3) There is no root class at least there is no which is exposed.  There are different namespaces per concern areas.
4) more @ http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_reference.htm