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Stuart GrimshawStuart Grimshaw 

How do I deploy Approval Processes betweem instances?

I have an approval process that I have written on our Sandbox, it isn't deployed yet, and isn't ready to be deployed yet but I want to refresh the Sandbox.

I have a developer instance that I'd like to deploy the approval process (and asscociated custom objects, code etc) to. I can't add Approval Proceses to a package (and I don't seem to be able to deploy a package created on my sandbox to developer instance?)

I've got Eclipse installed and I have created a project that includes the meta-data for the approval processes I want to deploy, but the list is empty? There are no errors when I refresh the metadata to suggest why they're empty.

How do I deploy my approval process to another instance?
Srinath R 9Srinath R 9
Hi Stuart,
In order to deploy using change sets , first you need to create deployment connections between your source and target instances. If the source and target instances belong to different companies (which is what you are trying to do) then change sets will not work and you need to use eclipse.
With eclipse , the problem is that you need to add the dependancies manually. So this might take sometime. But you say the folder itslef is empty/ Are you sure you are trying to pull data from the source when refresing and not directly from target? Please confirm.
Srinath R
Stuart GrimshawStuart Grimshaw
i canconfirm that I have connected to the source rather than the target, when I go to select metadata components to import, the ones I want are listed, but when selected & synced, they do not appear under src/approvalProcesses, which sounds like a dependancy thing.

I have everything else packaged, and imported into Eclipse as a package, that has all the depenencies but you can't add metadata components to an Eclipse project that was based on a package.
Srinath R 9Srinath R 9
Eclipse does not bring in dependancies. So even if its not included , the deployment will only fail , rather than having an empty src/approvalProcess folder.
Try adding metadata to the package using -> Add / Remove metadata components