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Saurabh AgrahariSaurabh Agrahari 

Custom encrpted fields

Hi All,
I understand the basic concept of encrypted fields.However I have few doubts ,which are listed below:

1) When the custom fields are stored in database they are encrypted.But when I retrieve the value from the database will the value be returned in clear
text over a SSL connection or a encrypted text is returned?

2)When i use a mask for the value and "view encrypted data " is not enabled .Is it correct to think that value will be returned in clear text but the charecters wil be

3) Are the above mentioned behaviour true with SOQL as well .That is when i get the value from the database in Apex using SOQL.

So bottom line is I want to know the exactly what happens when a encrypted filed is returned from the database.


Vidhyasagaran MuralidharanVidhyasagaran Muralidharan
check this
whether it is useful
Saurabh AgrahariSaurabh Agrahari
Thanks for the quick reply,

Actually i have already gone through the blog .Its just a copy and past from the saleforce guide with few extra screen shots.

Unfortunately Its doesn't answer the questions.