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Srinath R 9Srinath R 9 

Usage of Orders object

Hi All,
I want to implement order managerment functionality in my project and I have the following doubts about orders object in SFDC

1) Why is there no 'Owner' field on the orders object?
2) When I create an Order from Account related list , the shipping details of the account are copied into the order. This is not happening when I craete the order using orders tab and then associating with the same account. How can I enable this to happen?
3) I want to /display a whole list of fields from account and then display it against the order record. Is there a way I can create a mapping between Account and Order fields?
Vidhyasagaran MuralidharanVidhyasagaran Muralidharan
1)you are talking about record owner ?
2)anyway check they are in lookup relationship,we can also achieve this with triggers.
3)try to create custom lookup fields with account
Srinath R 9Srinath R 9
@ Muralidharan :
1)Yes I am talking about the record owner field on the orders object.
2) I achieved this functionality via workflows but still wanted to check if this is a bug at Salesforce end
3) I will try this and let you know