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vinodkumar kuchanvinodkumar kuchan 

what is the diffrence between save and quick save?

Save completes the save process and closes the Page Layout Edit window.  Quick Save allows you to save your changes, but keeps you on the Page Layout  Edit screen.  Then in another tab you can refresh the view and see your changes take place.
Rahul Sharma 609Rahul Sharma 609
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Hi Vinodkumar kuchan,

I have gone through your problem.

Go through the below link. in this link, you see the different condition wise


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Sachin Arora
Agboola DamilolaAgboola Damilola
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Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi vinodkumar,

In the case of saving it may perform some data loading option with saving a click.

And in the case of quicksave, we just render and move to another page without
performing any operation like database operation.

Go through this link:

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Suraj Tripathi  
Sourav AroraSourav Arora
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