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Nagarajan K VNagarajan K V 

Unable to fetch organization details

Hi, I want to connect Eclipse IDE with my Salesforce Org. When I give my credentials, it says "unable to fetch organization details". Can anyone help to solve this issue?

Can you check it api version,when you add force.ide application.

What version of eclipse and force.com ide are you using?
Aakaash NairAakaash Nair

Could you check if you are using the latest version if force.com IDE.

Also just tgo point out could be a network issue as well, would suggest checking the Configure Eclipe Proxy Settings:
Window ->Preferences ->General ->Network Conenctions
You can set your proxy settings here.

Ledt us know if this help.

Hi all. Taking a course in Apex and am trying to configure Eclipse but am having some difficulty. I am running:

Eclipse Version: Mars.1 Release (4.5.1)

Dont know which version of the Force.com plug in I am using.

Any tips?
Darshit Pathak 3Darshit Pathak 3

I created one project successfully,but while creating second project I am facing the issue.

Unable to fetch Organization details.