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Arpit Patel 8Arpit Patel 8 

Question on appexchange security review finding

I wanted to upload a free app on appexchange. I initated the security review of my app and Salesforce found some issues with the App. I fixed some of the issues, however there is one issue in particular that I'm not sure that how would I fix it.. The issue is given below

"Issue – CRUD and FLS Enforcement"

In my app, I have created 3 custom objects. How do I set CRUD for these objects in my managed package? Would appeciate any help r feedback, as I want to close the review ASAP.

Thank you.

Arpit Patel 8Arpit Patel 8
Hello All,

I would appreciate if someone can look at it and advice.
Check out this resource on security.force.com: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Testing_CRUD_and_FLS_Enforcement