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Error rendering Canvas application


I had developed an app using Canvas. While loading Canvas, it shows an error like,

‘“Oops, there was an error rendering Canvas application [Hello World].Your browsing session has ended or is invalid. Please re-login to again.”
User-added image

The app was working fine before. But now it is frequently showing this error. But once I clear the browser cache and then try again, it works well for a while.  After some time it shows the same error.
The Access Method in the Canvas App Settings is Signed Request (POST)

The visual force page looks like,
<apex:page controller="CanvasController">
	<apex:canvasApp id="canvasFrame" applicationName="HelloWorld" parameters="{!parameters}" width="100%"/>

And the Controller looks like
public class CanvasController{
	public string parameters{get;set;}
	public Contact contactRecord;
	public void someMethod(){
		contactRecord = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact LIMIT 1];
		parameters = JSON.serialize(contactRecord);
Please help me if you have any idea. Thanks in advance. 
The following seems like a similar issue faced by a user - please check the post to see the solution:

Share if that fixes the problem..
abhik dey 1abhik dey 1
Hi Sunny,

Did you get any solution for the above said issue ?
I am also facing the same issue wanted to check with you for any solution u have for this canvas issue.
Olivier SaierOlivier Saier
It definitely used to work for me but now I get the same error.
In Chrome inspector:
VM102 CanvasProxy.js:22 PUT 401 (Unauthorized)
Midles SmithMidles Smith
for me, this thread solution worked