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Kathir DevanKathir Devan 

How can i assign permission set...


        I have created permission set  its for not working properly.My requirement is two users(like user A,user B) both are having same role and same profile.. I want to give object level premission set that is VF tab.My VF Tab having two option only that is (available and visible) User A  need to be access available only and User B need to be access  available and visible only. Actually this task am trying for both user for accessing same permission,but i given different permission set both users.How can i do this.. please can any one give suggestion..



Hi Kathir,

Here you can create two perimission sets...

1) click vftab object and select vf tab setting available for the first permission set (edit)
2) click vftab object and select vf tab settings available and visible (edit)

3) select the user who wants to assign this permission..on the user page click on the edit assignments(Permission Set Assignments) then from select the first one for A user
4) Repeat 3 rd step for b user and assign second permission set..


Hope this well..choose this as solution if it solves..

Rajesh PotnuruRajesh Potnuru
Hi kathir,

As Per your requirement please follow below Navigation.

Setup-->Manage Users-->Permission Sets-->select your Permission Set-->click on Manage Assignments-->Select your User -->click on Add Assignments

Rajesh Potnuru

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