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Marc D BehrMarc D Behr 

Eclipse false syntax errors

I am using Eclipse Kepler Service Release 2 Build id: 20140224-0627 with IDE and it keeps telling me that I have a syntax error when I create a controller extension.

Here is a segment of the code:
public with sharing class CaseExtensions {

    private Case myCase;

    public CaseExtensions(ApexPages.StandardController caseCtrl ) {
        myCase = (Case)caseCtrl.getRecord();


The IDE gives me an error on the line "myCase = (Case)caseCtrl.getRecord();" that reads:

Syntax(error = UnexpectedSyntaxError(loc = RealLoc(startIndex = 110, endIndex = 118, line = 6, column = 24), message = missing SEMICOLON at 'caseCtrl'))

If I copy and paste the exactly same code directly into SalesForce, it saves and runs fine. I think there is a bug in the syntax engine... the error message makes no sense since there is a semicolon at the end of the line.... thoughts?
Jen BennettJen Bennett
I was having the same issue with our CaseExtension class so I created a question out on the stack exchange and got an answer: