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Charu RaniCharu Rani 

How to allign outputfield inside a pageblock table in center

<apex:column headerValue="Weekdays" headerClass="clsCenter">
                    {!dayslst.Day}----------------------------------------> CAN WE MAKE ANY STYLE OR CSS TO PUT THIS TEXT IN THE MIDDLE OF COLUMn IN PAGEBLOCK TABLE
                <apex:column headerValue="Start" headerClass="clsCenter">
                <span style="color:red; font-weight: bold ; vertical-align:Center ; horizontal-align:Center">
                    <apex:outputField value="{!timesheet[dayWithApiname[dayslst.Day]]}">--------------------->>>> CAN WE MAKE ANY STYLE OR CSS TO PUT THIS FIELD IN THE MIDDLE OF COLUMn IN PAGEBLOCK TABLE
                        <apex:inlineEditSupport showOnEdit="saveButton, cancelButton" hideOnEdit="editButton" event="ondblclick" changedStyleClass="myBoldClass" resetFunction="resetInlineEdit"/>
hemant ranahemant rana
Thanks guys
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team
Hi Charu,

Yes this is possible, you have to create a css class in your VF page. And then include in apex:column
                       Like this
<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="AccountContacts">
<apex:form id="frm">
<apex:pageBlock title="Accounts Info">
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!lstacc}" var="lacc">
<apex:column headerValue="Name" headerClass="ct">
<apex:commandLink value="{!lacc.name}" onclick="show('{!lacc.id}'); return false;"/>
<apex:column value="{!lacc.type}"/>

let us know if you have any question .
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