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Larry WieskopfLarry Wieskopf 

Installation Failed with No Details HELP!!

Just installed our App in Summer 14 for the first time and it fails with only a cryptic error message.


ORG (00DA0000000BD2Q)

User: Larry Wieskopf (005A0000001n3V8)

Package: iaRetirement (04tA0000000XzBM)

Error Number: 657333137-44602 (-1275709950)


Package Install Failed


And in another ORG 

Error Number: 1002007348-60085 (1758805011)

Does anyone know what these messages mean or where we can trace them


Denis VakulishinDenis Vakulishin
First off all you shouldn't share your Ids on public resources(Org Id, User Id, Package Id).
Also check this 
From Docs
"Why did my installation or upgrade fail?
An installation can fail for several reasons:
-The package includes custom objects that will cause your organization to exceed its limit of custom objects.
-The package includes custom tabs that will cause your organization to exceed its limit of custom tabs.
-The developer of the package has uploaded a more recent version of the package and has deprecated the version associated with this installation URL. Contact the publisher of the package to get the most recent installation URL.
-You’re trying to install an extension to a package, and you don't have the base package installed.
-The package requires that certain components are enabled in your organization, or that required features are enabled in your edition.
-The package contains Apex code and you are not authorized to run Apex in your organization.
-The package you’re installing has a failing Apex test."

Larry WieskopfLarry Wieskopf
Thank you Denis for the quick response,

and is there a way to pull the question with the id's  - oops

Occassionaly I've seen this before in the following scenario's 
Usually for not activating Field History, Activities or Reports on an object.  But usually we get a message.
No new objects or tabs were added since the last release
We are the developer and this is the most recent version
I don't belive there are additional components enabled but will check
Code & Test should be clear, and I believe the later does give a specific message