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George M AlbrechtGeorge M Albrecht 

Post To Chatter by Email via Workflow Rule

Hi Developers,

Need some direction here. We have an approval process setup in our org and business has requested that on final approval, a post is automatically posted to chatter, notifying everyone of the approval. The thought process on our end (trying to avoid APEX), was to create an Email Alert action on Approval and use the Post to Chatter by Email functionality from Spring '14 to accomplish this post to Chatter. However, this is not working properly. The other email address from this email alert are receiving the email and we can see that the Chatter Group's email address is copied in these emails, but no posts are being generated to chatter.

Any ideas on what I'm missing/doing wrong or is this not possible? Thanks!
Phil WeinmeisterPhil Weinmeister
Hey George,

That's a creative solution. I can't think of an obvious reason why this is isn't working. You've already confirmed that the other users/email addresses are receiving emails. Have you double-checked the group email itself (should be formatted like 0f9b000000004cmkaq@post.k-pxyvmac.kp0.chatter.salesforce.com)?

It's possible there's some rule (whether intentional or not) regarding email from within SFDC to Chatter and it's causing a problem.

I guess, if all else fails, you could have an email sent to you and you could set up an auto-forward rule to the Chatter group.

Let me know what you figure out!
Brittany HenryBrittany Henry
I'm also trying to do this and it isn't working. Were you able to find a solution?