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Sandra ScofieldSandra Scofield 

How to shut down a force.com url and point to a non Salesforce solution.

We have been directed to this community by support to find out how we can gracefully shut down a force.com url. If anyone has done this before or knows how to point the custom.force.com url to non salesforce website that would be greatly appreciated.
Deepak RamaDeepak Rama

Hi Sandra,

I assume you are using community portal and  have custom force.com url on that portal and you would like users to be redirected to custom url. This can be achieved by using javascript redirection.

I am not sure if your portal has login page. If so, you could modify the page to redirect to the url of your choice.

If your page does not have login page, then try modifying the home page of the site.

Please go through the following javascript tutorial on - how to redirect using javascript - http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascriptredirect.php

Sandra ScofieldSandra Scofield
We are looking to point customers away from a custom force.com url to a site (url) that lives outside of salesforce. The salesforce org will be decommisioned but we still want users who have the link bookmarked to be direct to the new url (non salesforce). The site itself will no longer exist on force.com and I would assume the HOME page will disappear with it. I simply want a redirect for the url but it needs to continue on after the salesforce org is long gone.
Deepak RamaDeepak Rama
Are you using custom vanity URL? I so, you could ask your network admin to provide a redirection.

If not, I am afraid as force.com domain is maintained by salesforce and once the org is decommissioned, you would lose access to the custom force.com URL. Have you tried reaching out to salesforce to see if they can provide you any help?

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Sandra ScofieldSandra Scofield
Thanks Deepak! I look forward to getting a response from Salesforce as well.