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Jennifer DobosJennifer Dobos 

Task Merge fields in an Email template

Is it possible to set up an email template using Task merge fields?
Yes. you can. Please see the screenshot

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Jennifer DobosJennifer Dobos
This is what I have set up, but it's not populating the data, do I need to reference an object?

Client Contact Information:

Due Date:{!Task.ActivityDate}
Type: {!Task.Type}
Description: {!Task.Description}
Subject: {!Task.Subject}
Company: {!Task.What}
Jennifer DobosJennifer Dobos
I am also setting up a custom button that will reside in the task layout. I would like people to be able to open a task, click the button, have the email window, template, and populated information open and they can then select the recipients to recieve this information.

Here is the how I have set up the button:

p6=Client Contact Notification: {!Task.Type} for {!Account.Name}&

I'm new to this so not sure if I am setting these up properly?
​Well its interesting that I can see the Task merge fields, but there is an idea that says it could not be done. Not sure if Summer 14 has implemented this feature. Let me do some research.. ​ https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BrF3AAK
Jennifer DobosJennifer Dobos
I am still trying to get this one figured out, is there any type of work around? It's odd that the Task fields are an option to select but will not populate?

Here is how I have set up my custom button that is working properly, I have also included the email template layout, the only thing that populates is the Task.Type and Account Name from the subject line.
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Mike McNeillMike McNeill
Hey Jennifer,

Did you ever find a solution or answer to this question?  I am running into the same issue and not sure, even though the fields are available for selection, but the data does not appear in the email template.   Thanks for any update.  Regards, Michael
Aerel RankinAerel Rankin
Just wanted to chime in here that I'm also trying to use merge fields for tasks in an email template, and nothing is populating.  I'm going to try do a workaround and use the leads object instead of tasks for now.