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Account Ownership Change

Hi ,

My org has lot of merging of accounts as a part of data cleanup. So I had this weird requiment---
We need a simple solution for this scenario.

When a sales rep claims he is  the owner of the particular account that is currently being owned by another salesrep(owner ship changed as part merging process) he needs to be able to submit a request to the current account owners manager and have manager re assign that account to the claiming sales rep.

Thanks in advance 
How is the request being submitted? 

What is the OWD for accounts? 

How is the role hirearchy defined for old account owner, new account owner and new account owner's manager?

Are you looking for a manual or automated process?

Manual process - New account's manager manually opens up the account and re-assigns it to the x account manager. 

Automated process - Have a flag field or something on accounts and when a request is submitted, update this flag on account and capture who submitted the request. Write a batch class to fire for the records which has a value for the flag, to find and allocate the account to reuest submitter.

There are more ways doing this, but something along the above lines, like having a mass update cutom button or just a custom button for simple update on page layout level.
Thanks for the quick response senthil. The ORD has been public read write. This should be a manual process with manager intervention to re-assign the accounts. Thanks. Venkata.
I would recomment to use "Approval process" .

You can define entry criteria in approval proccess if account owner is changed to new value submit the record for Approval to the manager. If manager apporves it, owner will be changed otherwise no changes will happen. Meanwhile record will be locked for editing.
Hi ashwani, That would interfere with merge processes being done through demand tools as part of clean up process in our org. Thanks, Venkata.