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hemant ranahemant rana 

sending values from one vf page to other vf page but their is a condition plz see below

i have a vf page in which iam having a image on the click of which a new small window gets open of another vf page their is a button i want on the click of that a value on my picklist pass to the same previous page i had used page reference but on the click of that button its opening another page but i want it closes that page and then it gets back to the previous page plz helpo its urgent...
If I understand correctly, you want to open a popup window, allow the user to select a value, and then close the popup window passing the selected value back into the main page.

This sounds pretty close to the custom Visualforce lookup code I wrote a few years ago in a blog post at:


You should be able to repurpose this quite easily.