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How to Customize Visitor Details for Chatlets in Live Agent ?


I need to customize the layout for Visitor details of chatlet in Live agent . I want to add another field in layout.. i have given all the permissions but the customfield  which i have created is not visible in Live Agent console. 

Please can any one find solution for this

Chinmay BhusariChinmay Bhusari

Have you checked the field level security in your profile??

thanks for the Reply. 

Iam able to see the field in Record Level. But it is not visible in Chatlet of Visitor Details in at Support Level

 User-added image
On that layout I need the field which i have created
Christian ShearerChristian Shearer
How were you able to edit this layout? 
Eamonn O'ConnorEamonn O'Connor
Unless anyone hasn't figures this out yet, this is actually done from the chat script you have, not within salesforce, when populated in the chat script, it actually creates the field in the in salesforce Visitor Details once the chat has been accepted: 

Below is an example of the field I needed to appear for customer validation, an account code. 

User-added image

The Chat Script (a html file hosted on our domain) 
User-added image

The chat form: 
User-added image
If anyone needs any help, let me know. :) 
Juan David Uribe Ruiz 2Juan David Uribe Ruiz 2
Hi @Eamonn O'Connor I would like to know if it is possible to order the fields in the layout on the Visitor Details Page
Eamonn O'ConnorEamonn O'Connor
@Juan David Uribe Ruiz 2 - I believe this thread will answer that for you. 


I haven't been able to find an alternative way, unfortunately.