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Different functionally from sandbox to production

Hi developers,

First, thank you so much for your help in others questions.

Well now I have other question, I did all about development and test for apex clases. I test this classes in my visualforce page and it is ok. I deploy to production and the functionally not is the same.

Is there any reason for what it is happen?

Please help me, because I don't know what happened
Shyam BhundiaShyam Bhundia

Could you give a bit more details on whats different?

If the tests are failing, then they could be dependent on data.  If thats the case, the data needed for the tests should be created by the test classes.

Can you please gives more detail, in which way functionality has changed, IF you have same class on prodcution and sandbox and also have same classes which is used by main class and pages are some than how fucntionality can change. It may be related to some data.

IF it helps you than please mark it as a solution and ENJOY APEX