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Update record in a dotnet application by consuming WSDL

I have a .net wsdl that perform CRUD operation using Ado.net . I want as soon as any records gets added in the salesforce.com those should gets added in that dotnet application, either instanatnely  or with in 1-2 minutes. I would like to do it through consuming dotnet WSDL . Does any body have any idea how this can be done ? Is there any good article on consuming the external WSDL?

One way i implemented a similar requirement is
1. in salesforce, Create a workflow to send a outbound message on create
2. create your .net app and publish to a public website to listen to messages
3. create your records in your custom app

kaustav goswamikaustav goswami
Requirement understanding - When a record gets created in SFDC do a call out to the .net application.

Option 1 - Outbound Message - This can be easily configured through Workflow. The corresponding wsdl can be easily downloaded from SAlesforce and then consumed in the .net application. This will be asynchronous in nature.

Option 2 - Consume the wsdl of the .net application in Salesforce and do the callout from trigger. This will again be asynchronous and also you have to take care of various limitations like number of callouts allowed. The advantage is this will allow you to do the callout not only on create but on all the other database operations.

Option 3 - Override the standard page with a visualforce page. When the user clickes on save then do the callout, handle the response and then save the record in database. For this you will have to again consume the wsdl of the .net application. The beneft of this is, this wil be a synchronous process and the response can handled and users can be notified then and there if there is any error.

Please let me know if there are further questions.