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eclipse plugin v31 broken?

I'm using Eclipse Kepler and today I decided to upgrade force.com plugin to Summer 14 version (v31)
The instalation went fine but after restart tabs with previously opened classes were blank and a red error icon was visible near the name.
When I was double clicking on files they opened in text editor.
Force.com perspective button was still visible but when I closed it I wasn't able to reopen the perspective from the Window  menu.
The perspective has dissapered from available options. The jars were in the plugin folder so I'm sure the software was installed.

I downloaded brand new eclipse and installed the plugin again but I'm not able to open SF perspective.
Did anyone have the same problems and manage to solve them?
Have you upgraded to Java 1.7 - I had problems with this plugin until I read the release notes that gave this requirement.
Thank you for suggestion Bob.
Currently I have java 1.6 on my Mac  but other delevoper, who has the most current update of java 1.7,  is suffering from the same issue.
Default file association has been changed and the force.com perspective has disappeared.  Should I downgrade to Juno?
Any chance SF support could look into this?
The problem for SF support is that its working fine for a lot of people, myself included.
Yes it must be Eclipse's thing. I upgraded the system to 10.9 installed java 7 and it worked.
I can't explain why it doesn't work for my colleague with the same configuration.
We will probably reinstall the IDE and plugin when he's back.