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Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy 

Display Campaigns on Customer Portal

I Written Controller for getting campaigns based on login user, am getting the list of values but am unable to view the details in vfpage in customer portal.
Can any one help me please
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team
A customer portal user can not access the Campaign object. Also note that list view is accessible to customer portal but details of records are hidden :).

User-added image

Please post your complete problem, if you looking for a workaround.
Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy
I want to display campaigns on customer portal.  campaignmember having campaigns, campaignmember  which is having contactid =: user.contactid
these campaigns should display in customer portal user  Home page.
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team
Hi janardhana,

We need to grab all the information from Campaign and CampaignMember object in custom object- Campaign Management and make this custom object to available in customer portal as following-

User-added image

2. create a lookup on Campaign object--say CampaignLookup

3. Create a lookup on Campaigmemember object-- say CampaignMemeberLookup

4. Create two set of fields as following-
  • This section would be dispalyed as- Campaign Information section on layout of Campaign Management records.
       CampaignId           =          CampaignLookup__r.Id  (formula field)
       CampaignStatus   =         CampaignLookup__r.Status (formula field)
       CampaignType     =        CampaignLookup__r.Type (formula field)  
       you can add other field as well to get information from Campaign.
  •  This section would be dispalyed as- Campaign Memebr Information section on layout of Campaign Management records.
       CampaignMemberId           =          CampaignMemeberLookup__r.Id  (formula field)
       CampaignId =         CCampaignMemeberLookup__r.Id  (formula field)
       MemeberStatus     =        CampaignMemeberLookup__r.Status  (formula field)
      ** add another fields as well.

Note that if you hit limit of maximum formulas field then make these field of type other than formula and populate them by workflow or trigger.

Please mark this asnswer as best if it helps you.


Janardhana ReddyJanardhana Reddy
Hi Team Members,
can you elaborate about this