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Shri RajShri Raj 

REST API Authentication

I'm trying to access a inhouse EndPoint in my company from Salesforce.com through HTTP POST Method. How does the Authentication work on the Salesforce side? Before accessing the End Point do i need setup anything else on the Salesforce side?  
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team

Please refer the link below:


NOTE:  Before you can access external servers from an endpoint or redirect endpoint using Apex or any other feature, you must add the remote site to a list of authorized remote sites in the Salesforce user interface. To do this, log in to Salesforce and from Setup, click Security Controls | Remote Site Settings.

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Grazitti Team
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
If you have created a Account on Salesforce ( Force.com) platform and already have Username , password and Security token which will be required in Authentication then this post will help you to authenticate your app with Salesforce http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9258653/salesforce-rest-api-login

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Alex Miller 96Alex Miller 96
I cover this in great depth in my blog to understand how to connect with Salesforce and work with complex computational needs server-side: https://chicagocloudgroup.com/salesforce-rest-api-connected-apps-apex-rest-methods/