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Rohit SharmaGRohit SharmaG 

Update ActivityDate of Task via EmailMessage trigger

Hello Dears,

I wrote a trigger on the EmailMessage to create a task with the due date value woulde be Date.today()+2. But, the activity date is not getting updated with the given value as Date.today()+2. 
Below is the my assignment for activitydate in the trigger:
ActivityDate = Date.today()+2

But, it is not updating with the given value. By default, it stores today's date.

Please suggest me how to update this field while creating a task.


Hi Rohit,

On which object you want to do this?

you can try this  "Lastactivitydate" in place of activity date.

Prafull G.Prafull G.
Rohit, use addDays(Integer days) method instead.

ActivityDate = Date.today().addDays(2)

Rohit SharmaGRohit SharmaG
its not working. Please let me know if any other solutions.