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hemant ranahemant rana 

is their any way we remove campaign member status picklist from pagelayout or delete it or from the report

I want to remove the campaign member status picklist. is their any way please help...
Hi Hemant,

You should be able to remove the "Status" field.

To remove it from a Campaign Member page layout, Go to Setup | Customize | Campaigns | Campaign Members | Page Layouts, and click Edit next to a page layout, and remove the Status field from the layout.

To remove the Status field from the Campaign Member related list on a Campaign page layout, go to Setup | Customize | Campaigns | Page Layouts, and click Edit next to a page layout, scroll down to the Campaign Members related list, click the wrench icon that you will see on the related list, and remove the Status field from the selected fields.

To remove the Status field from reports, you can just click Customize on the report and remove the field from the report. However, the field will still be available to be added to the report in the report builder page. This behavior is specific to standard report types.

You can also choose to create a custom report type and remove the Status field from the custom report type layout, so that reports created with this custom report type will not have the Status field, even in the report builder page. Then you can choose to hide the standard report types so that users will not be able to use the standard report type and will have to choose the custom report type, thereby making the Status field unavailable in reports. Please see this on how to hide report types: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=reports_hide_report_types.htm&language=en_US

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hemant ranahemant rana
Hi, shashank thaks for the rep.... please see the image attached... i want to remove that ""Add with status"" optionUser-added image
Unfotunately, the "Manage Members" page is not customizable.