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Outbound Change Set

Hi All,

I already have visual force page I want to add Few lines in that Visual force
I have already done changes in Sandbox.

Can we create Outbound Change set for the VF page that will only update the VF page
In creating the change set you define which components you would like to be deployed within the change set. If the only component that you want to deploy is a Visualforce page then you should just select that for deployment. Upon deployment it will then update the page for you.
Yes. And just for your Info, you can directly edit the Visualforce page in production as well. 
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You will have to make sure you have authorised a connection between the sandbox and production too, which involves going to the "Deploy" - "Development Connections" menu item and selecting to accept inbound change sets on the production instance, otherwise when you create a change set in the sandbox, you won't have any options for where to send it.


Once you are created, you can create a change set in the sandbox and you must then specifically add the files you want to promote to it... you do this one "type" at a time (so in your case you probably just want to add "Visualforce Pages" from the drop down) - remember anything else the page is dependant on needs to be on the production server too (if you have added any fields to objects etc. but it doesn't sound like you have)

You then click "upload" - which locks the change set down and sends it to the server, all tests are run, and if they pass your changes reflected. There is a cool new screen that documents this process (though the visuals can sometimes go a little wonky).

If you change set fails, you must work out why (missing dependancies or failing tests) and then Clone the original change set, add any changes and re-promote (ad infinitum!)