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Email to Case

We need some email to case setup along with workflow i.e to a group of ppl as L1 and then upon approval to L2/L3 another group of people (emailIds)
Rajesh PotnuruRajesh Potnuru
Hello Gaurav,

please check the below pdf.


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Rajesh Potnuru
Hi Rajesh.. thanx for your comments , actually what I need is: There will an email where users will notify their issues, This will create L1 type of case if it finds that it needs L2/L3 level support he reassign to L2/L3. I am trying to achieve via email to case, I hv created escaltion rules for reassignment i.e. when type change to L/L3 but it isnot sending email to next group (queue which I defined in escalation rule)