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Want to Build my Own Salesforce App

I want to build my own app but i am confused to which one and what is required.

1) To build and publish an Salesforce App do i need to become ISV partner, do you need to pay any fees for that?

2) I am also thinking to build my own mobile app and then publish it on salesforce, offcourse i want to build a unique app and have few ideas. But how do i check on salesforce that my app idea is really unique and its not already built?

3) I want to make my App Free

You do not need to sign an agreement for your free application before going into security review. You will however, need to sign the agreement if you wish to list your app publicly on the appexchange(read for more  information: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Publish_Your_First_App_with_AppExchange_Checkout)