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Mike BogartMike Bogart 

How to install SalesforceForOutlook.msi (2.5.1) to multiple users via a deployment tool (i.e. LogMeIn or SCCM)

How can I modify the SalesforceforOutlook.MSI so it will silently deploy to multiple users?  the 2.5.1 MSI does not work when using the /q or /quiet parameters.
In the past, I would just use:

msiexec.exe /i "SalesforceForOutlook.msi" /qn

but this no longer works.

For 2.5 to install on machines, please confirm you have completely uninstalled any previous version of SFO from the machines.

Also, it also installs in the users appdata not as an admin on the machine so you would have to update the MSI accordingly. 
Mike BogartMike Bogart
I can confirm SFO has been completely uninstalled.  This also happens on any computer that never had SFO.
Let's say I am using ORCA to edit the MSI, where and what specificly do I need to modify?

Mike BogartMike Bogart
Dave MarajhDave Marajh
Mike, I see that it's been a month since your last post.  As my team is having the same problem, please let me (or us) know if you've made any headway possibly from another source.  Thank you!
Mike BogartMike Bogart
No.  I have not found a solution yet.
Christopher Little 5Christopher Little 5
This has always been a problem for Salesforce and now they've made it worse by breaking the standard MSI functions. I used to be able to do this with [msiexec.exe /i "SalesforceForOutlook.msi" /qn ALLUSERS=1] which no longer works in the newest version. I have hundreds of users that I need to be able to deploy this to whenever there is a new version and now I can't. Per user installs are not appropriate and should never be the default. Salesforce needs to get their act together.
Monica WestbrookMonica Westbrook
We're having the same problem now. Has anyone had any luck getting a new MSI file that works?
Christopher Little 5Christopher Little 5
There is no good solution. The issue is that they made the application install entirely within the user's profile. In theory, this is a nice idea because users can install it without admin rights. The problem is that the prerequisites (Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010 Redistributable) install to system folders and therefore do need admin rights. I'm not giving my users admin rights! 

My solution was to push the prerequisites then have the users download and install Salesforce on their own. So far, it seems to work well. As long as they have a version equal to or newer than 2.5.1, they can do their own upgrades going forward as well. We would rather manage this for them but we can't, thanks to Salesforce.
IT Test Group IT Test GroupIT Test Group IT Test Group
Still not a great installer