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Bhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuriBhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuri 

URL format validation


Can anyone please help me in validating URL format ?

I used the following Regular expression but it is working good, its showing even valid URL's as Invalid 


Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team

Use the following regular expression to validate URL format: -

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Grazitti Team

Bhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuriBhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuri
Hi grazitti team,
I am getting Syntax error when i used your regular expression :(
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team

Can you please try the "jquery validate" to valiadte the Url format?

Please see the below link and code for refrence:

VisualForce Page:
<apex:form id="formId">
     <script type="text/javascript">
			url: true
	<apex:outputlabel for="url">UrlTovalidate</apex:outputlabel></span>
	<apex:inputText label="" value="test" id="url"/>

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Grazitti Team,
Bhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuriBhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuri

Hey hi,
I need to write for some field in an Sobject ,
I tried in NOT(REGEX(url,^((http|https)://)??(www[.])??([a-zA-Z0-9]|-)+?([.][a-zA-Z0-9(-|/|=|?)??]+?)+?$)) but no use...
Now I used IF() it is working now

thnks for reply