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How do I delete an account with apex and have it delete the child contact records at the same time?

I'm trying to test a trigger that runs on a before delete on an account. When I delete the account in the test I thought that the child contacts would be delete as well but that does not seem to be the case. I don't understand what I'd doing wrong here.
String testuser = UserInfo.getUserID();
        //set up the account
         Account testacct = NewObjFactory.buildTestAcct(0, 'Test Account1', testuser);
        insert testacct;
        Account testacct2 = NewObjFactory.buildTestAcct(0, 'Test Account2', testuser);
        insert testacct2;
        String accid = testacct.id;
         // Create the Contacts
        Contact testcontact = NewObjFactory.buildTestContact(0, testacct.id, testuser, 'Cool', 'Joe');
        insert testcontact;
        String cid = testcontact.id;
        Contact testcontact2 = NewObjFactory.buildTestContact(0, testacct.id, testuser, 'Cool', 'John');
        insert testcontact2;
        String c2id = testcontact2.id;
        Contact testcontact3 = NewObjFactory.buildTestContact(0, testacct.id, testuser, 'Cool', 'Paul');
        insert testcontact3;
        //Create the portal records
        Portal_User_Information__c pu1 = new Portal_User_Information__c();
        pu1.user_Name__c = testcontact.id;
        insert pu1;
        Portal_User_Information__c pu2 = new Portal_User_Information__c();
        pu2.user_Name__c = testcontact2.id;
        insert pu2;
        Portal_User_Information__c pu3 = new Portal_User_Information__c();
        pu3.user_Name__c = testcontact3.id;
        insert pu3;
        String pu3id = pu3.id;

        //run tests
        Account ac = [Select ID from account where id = :accid];
        Contact c1 = [Select ID from contact where id = :cid];
        	Database.deleteResult result = Database.delete(ac, false);  //delete account rec
			Database.deleteResult result2 = Database.delete(c1, false);
        // Check data 
        system.debug('acct del2');
        Contact[] c1s = [Select ID from contact where id = :cid];

Below is my test method. The last assert fails.

When you detele account object record then contact will not dleted because there is lookup relation shio not master detail. So you have to delete contact record explicitly. 

But why doesn’t the contact record just get deleted when the account is deleted? It just doesn’t work that way in apex?
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
As there is no Master details relationship between Account and Contact so you need to find all Contact associated with an Account using a separate query on Contact which will find all Contact associated with Account need to delete.

List<Contact> con = [Select id from Contact where AccountId in : Trigger.new ] ;

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Dah, OK, got it. I was thinking that was the way it worked manually so it should work that way in Apex. Guess not. Thanks.