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Serge DevSerge Dev 

Specific given user input for managed package

I need my managed package to ask the user to input a given guid so that the package can access this in the apex classes when calling out.

Currently I have a working package that calls out successfully to a web service, but the guid is hardcoded into the apex class (therefore it is static to all users).

What I want more specifically:
- The user installs a package.
- The package asks the user (via a tab? or a force.com page?) to input the guid the user would have been given before installation (elsewhere)
- The package calls out this input to the web service

This is done only once. The package acts by itself from then on - doing other things.

What is the best approach for this?
Force.com pages?
I'd likely need to create a specific object in Salesforce for this as well, but is it possible to only ever have a single instance of that object?
Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
Really not sure what this guide holds. If it is simple static text which user will follow then no need of doing anything, you can instruct user to upload the guide in Documents/Contents.

If you want to fetch it from Apex and send it to some other org then also possible with Documents. Or you want to do it with VFP then also it's possible, create a VFP which have file input (VFP tag), once user selects the document you can upload it in document and then send it anywhere you want.