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Is it possible to override Salesforce global search ?

There's a search box on the top of Salesforce, is it possible to override(re-implement) it? Like catcing the click event, poping up dialog, customize the search result page...

I went over the Visualforce development guide, it seems I can't do this by Virsualforce. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Vatsal KothariVatsal Kothari

All you can change are given here..
Setup --> Customize --> Search --> Search Settings.

catcing the click event, poping up dialog you can't do with standard global search.

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Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
You can't  override this, but You can turn it off. You will have to disable your enhanced User interface theme. But this will also disable your chatter feature.
Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
As Bhawani suggested, turn it off or rather just don't use it. Create a home page component which will be a link. On click of that link you can re-direct user to your VFP where you can provide your custom search.
Hi All/Ankit,

Thanks for your replies, by following your advice, I add a custom search at the left sidebar of Salesforce by using Visualfore Area Component. It appears like:
User-added image

 My "Go" button at here is a <apex:commandButton> and it calls a controller method. This controller method returns a “PageReference”, now the search result page always shows at the left narrow side.

So the problem is, when I click the "Go" button, how can I open a page at right wide pane, just like the standard Salesforce search "Go"?

I just get this redirect issue resolved by changing <apex:commandButton> to use JS onclick event:

<apex:commandButton id="gsearch" value="Go" action="{!search}"/>


<apex:commandButton id="gsearch" value="Go" onclick="parent.location.href ='/apex/SearchResults'"/>
Souvik Kundu 3Souvik Kundu 3
Hi zgcharley_09,
how are you calling the controller method for search?
ArunKumar KumkumathArunKumar Kumkumath
Hi all.. I am new to salesforce. Is there any option to override the Global Search, ie; replacing the existing page with a custom code ?
On the Unified search results page, i need to add an extra page block section to display the output from a REST API based on the search content.

Thanks in advance..