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Venkatramanan LakshmananVenkatramanan Lakshmanan 

Community user creation

Hi all,

Normally, while creating a community user in salesforce, an email will be sent to the mail id (given during the user creation) with a link to set their password. User has to click the link and set their password and then only the user will be allowed to login to the community (partner or customer community).

Is there a way to skip the password setting step in this? Like, if user is created, dont send a link to mail id, but set the known default password. Is there any settings for this salesforce communities?

Please advice.


In salesforce there is no any way to controll password by any code because salesforce don't allow to do this with password.

Venkatramanan LakshmananVenkatramanan Lakshmanan

My requirement is to create the community users on the fly and set the password. Is there any possible way to set the default password for a community user?
I came across a standard salesforce method named 'SetPassword'. Is it possible to stop sending login info email and set the password for this user using this method?

Please advice