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binu rajbinu raj 

API Authentication Problem

Hi Team,

I am a beginner in salesforce. From last week I am in a big confusion and have so many doubts.So please help me. Please check this,

1.  I logged in from my java client application through salesforce api.The parameters which I used for login is username,password,security token.
  Then I added users from my java client application.That time reset password email is not send to users.Means "Generate new password and notify user immediately" check box is unselect when I see that user in salesforce.com. And the notification will send when I manually click the reset password button.
  What will be the actual problem?
2.  After creating a new user how can they login through my own user interface.means the login parameters are user name,password and security token.
  The users don't know about the security token.They will not directly login in salesforce.com.I think the security token only get Setup->My Personal Information->Reset security token-.The connection only through my UI.Is there any way to login without the security token?
3.  How can manage these users under a specific app?Means I have two app App1 and App2.And also have 2 users.U1 and U2.I need to add the UI to A1 and U2 to A2.
The following articles shows an example code on authenticating salesforce from Java app


binu rajbinu raj
In this two example is showing authentication with securitycode.Let me know is there any way to login without security token through API.means customers 
will only use their username and password.not append securittoken.Is that poossible?

Ravikant kediaRavikant kedia
hi you can use link-  http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_streaming/Content/code_sample_auth_oauth.htm