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SS KarthickSS Karthick 

Displaying Information in Custom Popup window

Hi folks,
          Can anyone tell me how to display the information in custom popup window??

I have to display the information(Name and products) from my custom object Product_Item__c (Which contains Name and products) based on the product items clicked
My Visualforce Page:

<apex:page standardController="Product_Item__c" recordSetVar="pro" extensions="popup">
    <apex:form >
         <apex:pageBlock title="Product Item Records" >
            <apex:pageblocksection title="Product Item Name" columns="2">
                <apex:repeat value="{!pro}" var="pr">
                    <apex:pageblocksectionitem >
                        <apex:outputLabel >
                            <apex:commandLink rerender="popup" action="{!showPopup}">
                                 <apex:param name="param1" assignTo="{!param1}" value="{!pr.Id}"/>

        <apex:outputPanel id="popup">
            <apex:outputPanel styleClass="customPopup" layout="block" rendered="{!displayPopUp}">
   Product Information <br/>
                <apex:repeat value="{!productRecords}" var="pr1">
                    {!pr1.Product__c }
                <apex:commandButton value="Hide Pop up" action="{!closePopup}" rerender="popup"/>


    <style type="text/css">
            background-color: white;
            border-style: solid;
            border-width: 2px;
            left: 50%;
            position: absolute;
            width: 500px;
            margin-left: -250px;

public class popup {

    public popup() {

    public ID param1 { get; set; }
    public List<Product_Item__c> productRecords{get;set;}
    Id reocrdId=ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');
     Id i = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('id');
    public popup(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller) {
        productRecords=new List<Product_Item__c>();
        productRecords=[select Id,Name,Product__c from Product_Item__c where Id=:param1];

    public boolean displayPopup {get; set;}

    public void closePopup() {
        displayPopup = false;

    public void showPopup() {
        displayPopup = true;

The page Displays only the product Information in popup window as I Highlighted above .....
It doesnt display name and products

Thanks in advance
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Karthick RajaKarthick Raja
Refer this link(