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New user type and authentication

Hi All,

We have a plan to build a shopping cart application.For that we need to clarify some more doubts.Please check,

1. The customers will register from our UI to SFDC. What will be the user type?
2.  When we adding the user from our application that user can login with their credential to SFDC.
  Is that right way to adding customers to our application?
3.  If the users are not SFDC users, how can the customer authentication works?

1) In SFDC there s not user type but user licenses. It depends on your requirements how many possible users you may have and how much access is required to those user. You can have Community users license for Business-to-customer type of applications.
2) Again it depends on your requirements. You could use sfdc as identify provider i.e. it work as storing user base and authentication purpose only. You can host your application as well in SFDC ie. you can build your shopping cart application using visualforce,apex and javascript in this case it will work as identity provide and application server as well.
3) In this case no point of using SFDC at all.