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Samuel OLOFUSamuel OLOFU 

how would I host a website using foce.com and how much would it cost me ? what do I need to do before implementing live chat on salesforce platform

Depends what you want to use on the platform and what the website is going to do? Salesforce has LiveAgent which is the live chat which you would need to buy, unless you just use the platform to build your own. You could create a dev org and create a Salesforce Site on it and it would be free but has limitations and depends on how many users are going to hit it. If you need a CMS Salesforce has site.com again you would need to buy this but you could either build your own on the platform or user an AppExchange product. I would give Salesforce a ring as they can talk through your requirements and work out what would be best for you.
Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
You can create force.com site even in developer edition and that doesn't cost anything. But there would  be some limitation in terms of public access. After a  specific MB of data access,no one will be able to access force.com site for that day. There is a specifica limit of data public user can access for a day, after that salesforce doesn'tr respond.
See this. This is developer edition force.com site.