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richa mohantyricha mohanty 

salesforce projects

where to get salesforce dummy projects ??
Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
You can use these links to download the projects 

Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
another link which can help you to download the projects

Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
This link can define you to get the dummy projects

Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
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shiv patel 12shiv patel 12
i want to start project in salesforce but i dont have  idea  how to strat 
shiv patel 12shiv patel 12
please guide 
Shivangi ShaileshShivangi Shailesh
Hey Gaurav 
could you please provide me link for admin part projects .
Maurya BS 11Maurya BS 11
This book can give you head start in admin part of saleforce "Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow" by Rakesh Gupta .
Harsha Suman 13Harsha Suman 13
Can someone help me with triggers code-
Account have one custom field of checkbox type - Only_Conatct and default value of it is false. 
When a new Account is created, create a new Contact that has the following data points:
First Name = “Info”
Last Name = “Default”
Email = “info@websitedomain.tld”
Only_Default_Contact = TRUE
When the Account has more than 1 Contact, update Only_Default_Contact to FALSE.

shiv patel 12shiv patel 12
Please send me your trigger code .
shiv patel 12shiv patel 12
Trigger AccountHandler on Account(before insert) { for(account a :trigger.new) { Contact con =new Contact(); con.FirstName = 'Info;' con.LastName = 'Default'; con.Email = 'info@websitedomain.tld'; con.Only_Default_Contact = TRUE ; insert con; } }