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StandardListController Visualforce Page Question

I have a listButton that is calling a visualforce page.  

The visualforce page is using a standard Controller for CHILD_OBJ.  The page attribute RECORDSETVAR is set.  

The idea is that a user goes PARENT_OBJ and goes down to the related list and checks boxes for certain records, then clicks the custom listButton that launches my VF page.  

On this page, there is another button that will open another VF page that allows the user to modify certain aspects of the record.  

Once this edit is made, I need to ability to go BACK to the VF page that contains the list, with a now updated record from the edits that were just made.

inline editing is not an option here.
James LoghryJames Loghry
So what exactly is the question here?

You could do this, however, I would suggest one Visualforce page to accomplish this.

Essentially, your apex controller would read in the selected records via the StandardSetController's getSelectedRecords call.

This would populate a pageBlockTable (or UI element) with your records you'd like your user to modify.

The user would perform an action like clicking a commandButton in the <apex:pageBlockButtons> element or something similar to perform a bulk update of the records they'd like to update.

Lastly, the action could/would rerender the same Visualforce page with the updated information.
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
To return on first V.F from second is depends how you are opening second V.F means if you simply use Another window for the second Page then you can simply return to Fist window by closing the Child window and can call any function of parent window during window closing by using window.parent. And if you're redirecting to another V.F. then you need to use either retURL or use record Id to create return Url.
Hope it'll help you.
Hi James, 
   Thanks for the response.  I was multi-tasking when I wrote this so it may not have been as clear as I was thinking.  

Basically I have a VF page that gets launched by a custom list button.  That VF page(lets call it Page_1) has a pageblocktable that shows all records that were selected prior to the listButton being pressed.  

Page_1 will have multiple records in the list.  From Page_1, the user needs to choose a record and then launch a new VF page(Page_2) with that record and perform the workflow process.  Once complete, the changes that were made need to be reflected back on Page_1 with all of the same records still showing up.

I have all of this working with one exception, when you link back to Page_1 the list of records is now gone.

So in short I guess, how do I allow the list of records to persist from one VF page call to another call?