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Brian RomanowskiBrian Romanowski 

Is there a Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App Link?

Is there a way to link directly into a detail record in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app? I've seen the links for going directly into the Salesforce1 App but I'm looking for it to open in the browser(Safari for iOS). Just sending the regular link does not redirect to the mobile version of the detail record. I do have Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app set to true but that appears to only work when you are logging in, not when you are going to a specific record.
Hi Brian, 

I haven't seen direct links yet. If you do want to do testing without logging-in, you can open a new tab, and use the following URL to open the Salesforce1 app in your browser:


where your domain name could be na1.salesforce.com , ap1.salesforce.com etc.