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Venkatramanan LakshmananVenkatramanan Lakshmanan 

OAUTH REST API calls for Portal users

Hi all,

There are 6 different flows in OAUTH, they are
1. Web server OAUTH authentication flow
2. User Agent OAUTH authentication flow
3. Username and Password OAUTH authentication flow
4. SAML Assertion Flow (SSO)
5. SAML Bearer Assertion Flow (SSO)
6. JWT Bearer Token Flow

Out of the 6 above flows, can portal users can be authenticated and get session id or token back from salesforce and use it for further accesses?
Portal users dont have security token and they cannot login via "login.salesforce.com''. But is there any way to use any one of the above flows to authenticate the portal users?

Please advise

I believe the user-agent flow will do what you want.