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Sachin TiwariSachin Tiwari 

Want to create custom Branding in salesforce 1

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As you can see in the picture i want to go for complete custom branding of the salesforce 1 app, i am able to put logo on the initial login page but not on the default landing page, can any one please help me to achieve the same. Also when i searched out for the solution of this problem i got to know about Custom brand asset below is the link for the same
but i am unable to use the same as i dont know how to implement this as i dont have any VF page where i can customize it and use and page container for the salesforce 1 app.
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
You can't custom brand every component of the Salesforce1 app. You can read here about what all can be customised and how - http://sfdc-styleguide.herokuapp.com/

Here's another tutorial which shows what all can be customised - http://www.tquila.com/blog/2014/06/12/branding-salesforce1-mobile-app-6-easy-steps

I hope this helps.
Sachin TiwariSachin Tiwari
HI Gaurav,
Thanks for replying but i know how to customize using admin section, what my concern is how to customize salesforce 1 according to client branding. See i have seen many apps and their reviews which were built using salesforce 1 only but they dont follow defau;t branding or layout thus my question was how to achieve such functionality using salesforce 1?
Here is the link of salesforce 1 App galary  you see this and the products produced using  salesforce 1 power.


you will need to fill some information and then you can download this pdf.