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Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team 

Auto complete list not working in Safari

Hi all,

I am trying to generate a list of auto-complete options using the following code :-

Vf Page :
<apex:input onblur="passSelectValueToController(this.value)" list="{!todoListForDropdown}" html-autocomplete="off" />

Apex Class :
public List<string> gettodoListForDropdown(){
        list<todo__c> getinsertedtodolist = [select id,task__c from todo__c where servicepack__c =: this.RelatedServicePacks];
        Map<String,todo__c> insertedToDoMap = new Map<String,todo__c>();
        for(todo__c todo : getinsertedtodolist)
           insertedToDoMap.put(todo.task__c,new todo__c());
        list<todosdata__c> gettodos = [select id,Name from todosdata__c where Name NOT IN : insertedToDoMap.keyset()];
        list<string> stringValues = new list<String>();
        for(todosdata__c td : gettodos )
        return stringValues;           

By this code, auto complete feature is working fine in Mozilla and chrome but not working in Safari.

Any Help ?? 
Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal