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I have to count a child records on parent object by using trigger

Hi All,

I have a two objects like doctor(parent) and patient(child), my scenario is i have to count a child records on parent object by using trigger.

(using rollup summary we can achieve this but i have to achieve with trigger)

please any one help me with code for this scenario.

Thanks in advance!!!
Bob RobertsBob Roberts

Very curious requirement. To do this I am making the assumption that you have a field defined on the parent to hold the count. In general, it would go something like this:

Set<Id> ids = newMap.keyset();
for(ParentObj__c parent : newMap.values()){
    parent.Field__c = 0

for(ChildObj__c child: [SELECT ParrentObj__c FROM ChildObj__c WHERE ParrentObj__c IN :ids]){

update newMap.values();

Vatsal KothariVatsal Kothari
Hi Shaik,

you can refer below code:
trigger countChild on Child_Object__c (after insert,after update,after delete) 
	for (AggregateResult ar : [Select Count(Id) numRecs, Parent_Lookup_Field__c parentId From Child_Object__c Where Parent_Lookup_Field__c In :Trigger.New Group By Account__c ]) {
		Id parentId = (Id) ar.get('parentId');
		Parent_Object__c obj = Trigger.newMap.get(parentId);
		obj.Count__c = (Decimal) ar.get('numRecs');
Replace API names with your Object and field API name.

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James LoghryJames Loghry
Why can't this be done via a Rollup Summary?  Is it a Master Detail relationship or a Lookup relationship?
Hi James,

Lookup relationship.
Ravikant Saini 1Ravikant Saini 1
List<ParrentObj__c> updatelist = new List<ParrentObj__c>();//you can use the parent id's as the place of newMap.keyset()
for(ParrentObj__c parent: [SELECT Id,(SELECT ID FROM ChildObj__c) FROM ParrentObj__c WHERE Id IN :newMap.keyset()])
    List<ChildObj__c> childList = parent.get('ChildObj__c');
    if(childList == null)
            parent.Field__c= 0;
            parent.Field__c= childList.size();
update updatelist;
you can do it easily with nested query.

Demo User 45Demo User 45
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